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This site is a searchable repository of records, the contents of which includes 3,702 Files, 14,885 Pages, 265,915 Sentences and 5,358,560 Words.

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You can search all records, fields and their contents using the free text search box. If nothing is entered, all records will be displayed, however you may also enter multiple search terms to return all relevant results.

  • Records are searched case insensitively (“thêâtre” will return results containing “Théâtre”)
  • Diacritics are flattened (“theatre” will return results containing “Théâtre”)
  • Word stemming is used to match number and/or tense of a term (for example. searching ‘Terminer’ produces ‘terminé’, ‘terminés’, ‘terminent’, ‘terminant’, ‘termine’)
  • Irregular orthography of proper nouns will produce results from a search of the conventional orthography (e.g. ‘Lizt’, ‘Litzt’, ‘Listz’ will find both ‘Liszt’ and the original orthography). Conventional orthography matches that used in GroveOnline.

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To filter your search by a specific field, select the desired values from the columns provided.

You can select any number in each column however changing your selections will clear all selections in the columns to the right. e.g changing your selections in Journal will clear your selections in Year, Author and Title however selections in collection will remain unchanged.

If you are using the search box, changing your text search will not reset your column selections, however those that do not relate to your new search term will be hidden. Your selections are saved and will reappear if you re-enter to your previous text search entry without otherwise clearing them.

Columns can be sorted alphabetically or high to low based on the number of records available for each list item.

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